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About the Chamber

The Chamber of Advocates of Malta, being the sole organization representing the legal profession on the Maltese Islands, is a professional, non- political and non-governmental organization, constituted in 1877 and bringing together all the practicing lawyers in the Maltese Islands.

The basic task of the Chamber is to promote and defend the interests of its member Lawyers in the Maltese Islands and provides services to the public in this field.

The Chamber presently has around 650 lawyers registered as members and its organization and operation is determined by the members of the Chamber, through its organs, bodies and forms of organization.

The Chamber of Advocates is made up of a Council, a series of Committees and a permanent management staff.

Council and Committees

A Council of 11 members administers the Chamber, these members being elected
every two years by the Chamber’s members. The Council meets at least once every month to discuss current legal issues and to ratify the decisions of the Committees of the Chamber.

The Council is presently made up of the following persons:-

President: Dr. Robert Mangion LL.D
Secretary: Dr Francesco Depasquale LL.D
Vice-President: Dr Austin Bencini LL.D.
Treasurer: Dr Reuben Balzan LL.D.
International Secretary: Dr. Anton Micallef LL.D.
Public Relations Officer: Dr Stefan Camilleri LL.D.
Publications Officer: Dr. Anthony Vella LL.D.
Ethics Officer: Dr Stefan Camilleri LL.D.
Activities Officer: Dr Veronica Galea Debono LL.D.
Members: Dr Simon Micallef Stafrace LL.D., Dr Mark Attard Montalto LL.D., Dr. Ian Spiteri Bailey LL.D.

Some of the Chamber's Committees have a regulatory function while others monitor and develop services across a wide range of areas including Professional Practice and Ethics, Legal Education and Training and Continuing Education.


In addition to the Council, the Chamber has a permanent staff responsible for the administration and day-to-day running of the Chamber. Headed by the Secretary of the Council, the staff together with the Council look after all the various Committees and progress in the various areas of interest to the profession such as law reform and practice development.

Services for the Public

The Chamber is also responsible for dealing with complaints made against solicitors and refer such complaints to the Committee on Advocates and Legal Procurators existing within the Commission for the Administration of Justice.


The Chamber of Advocates is affiliated in the International Bar Association and is in the process of becoming a full member of the CONSEIL DES BARREAUX DE L’UNION EUROPÉENNE, known also as the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union.

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